specialising in low light temple and ritual imagery & videography






let's create something magical together...


I specialising in low light Temple & Ritual photography, creating a safe and yummy container to connect with various archetypes and capturing the magic as it flows, honouring, celebrating and contributing in the diving sharing of energetics and play whilst painting with light. 

If you're looking for a photographer who will just show up with a camera, pose you & yell "say cheese", I'm not your guy...


Once you book a photo session with me the journey begins with a drop in to consciously speak about exactly what it is you are trying to capture and achieve with these images. 


Archetypes, style, lighting, energetics, intimacy, business or divinity and everything in between are all deeply taken into consideration as we create and a plan and a workflow that will work for you to be as comfortable and in your full power


. As we work together planning exactly what it is we are working together, I will give you my all and make you feel very comfortable and safe along the way as we paint with light,

I love to work with Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao before a shoot bas it is a powerful assistant in tuning into the heart , as a powerful assistant before a shioot, dropping deeper into th e flow and the possibilities of all teh magick that may unfold.


I don't stick to one style, because every person, couple and family I shoot is so different.  I want to hear all about you & make the right artistic choices to create the image that defines you and all of your magick. 

If you want to go on a journey, drop in and capture the images of the  be someone you've always wanted to be.


We're here to celebrate life & photograph all the yummy in it.  Laugh, dance, drop in, be yourself or be someone you've always wanted to be.  My camera & my soul will do the rest  ;)



It's what makes my heart beat fastest, that image that takes your breath away and gets you lost in the moment"



This is an investment in your life and time in this moment, it is sacred and something this you will never get back. We pride ourself on attention to detail and making sure we get the perfect images you are looking for. 


I love to work with divine goddess Kahlia Jeffery who is an incredible stylist, hair dresser, fashion and energetics diva who will make you look and feel incredible. The whole experience is completely yummy from beginning to end, you will literally melt into the lense.  

BOOKINGS with Kahlia

FULL DAY - Individual, Couples and Portrait Session Packages start at $2222


As soon as you confirm a booking, we will begin planning for you special day. Day will run from 12 noon til 8pm (Flexible if needed), but an 8 hour work time frame is what we are working with, and we always try and accomodate for one shoot in the "magic hour" of sunrise or sunset if possible.  


Full day package will include 3 to 4 locations and each location may have multiple themes. After a day with us you will have at least 3 to very different and contrasting photo shoots to use for many months/years to come.

Thee may include

*Inside Studio

*Outside Portrait

*Creative Artistic 

*Low Light Skin and Shadow 


Please arrive ready to go for your first shoot of the day. Starts with drop in and creating a game plan for the day, styling options, location specifics, lighting, themes etc. 

Drop in with optional sharing in Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao, We love working with Cacao with our shoots, always a powerful tool with opening the heart and dropping into the emotions and feelings to capture that perfect shot. 

Individual Portrait Session Packages start at $1888 for full day

Intimate Couples Portrait Sessions start at $3333

Elopements start at $4444

Small Weddings start at $6666

All packages include digital negatives for you to keep & print from.  I don’t believe in withholding any images from you to get you to pay more like some photographers do. These are your memories, I promise to capture them fully and give you more than enough images to remember this time in your lives.

I offer a variety of ways to celebrate your new memories! Wall art, prints & albums are available upon request.  As much fun as I have during a shoot, getting to fill my clients' walls & coffee tables with their favorite shots is the most rewarding part of what I do.

For more information on my packages & products, please contact me :)


I love music, cacao, kundalini and being underwater.  My favourite foods are desserts and & Thai in no particular order.  I absolutely love traveling.  Seeing different places on our Earth & learning all about different cultures than my own makes life way more meaningful for me.  I love the ocean & you can usually find me paddling out in to the water even when the surf is really not that good at all.  Part of me is a hopeless romantic for sure, and part of me is a deeply connected tantric soul who has devoted much of life to diving deep in spirituality and sacred sexuality.  And I'm just madly in love with life.  


It all started when I was a kid myself & loved music, art and appreciating things that the other kids didn't seem to take notice of.  I was not very good at drawing although that didn't stop me from trying!  Needless to say, when I discovered the camera as a teenager, it was love at first sight!  I mean, there's a small little black box that you can push a button on & it freezes a moment forever.  It captures life.  It paints with light.  How could I not be in love?!  I started taking photography classes in high school, became the yearbook photographer & got nicknamed "paparazzi" by all of my friends.  I took pictures of everything!  Especially my family and my baby sister who was born when I was 15!  When I got to university, I was excited about my decision to study Music with an emphasis in Teaching and Sound Therapy.  I was a professional teacher at one of the most prestigious instrumental schools at 17, while studying &, believe it or not, that's when the magic happened.  One morning, my student's mama said to me, "your photography is beautiful & the kids already feel comfortable with you... why don't you come over & take some family pics of us?"  And just like that, word spread and everyone around was asking me to capture their family on film.  

In my late 20's, I started diving deeper in to spirituality, eastern auyurvedic practices, sound healing and yoga.  This led me to working more in low light temple and ritual kind of spaces which is where I honed in my skills and found a new passion for photography. 

Here we are more than 20 years later!  My heart is so full.  I could not feel more lucky that I get to combine all my passions & do what I truly love everyday.  Thank you to everyone who has supported my work!  I promise to continue to push myself creatively & grow as an artist so that I can capture the love and the essence of your most authentic soul in the most artful of ways. 

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$2000 Full Package - 6 to 8 hours pending

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