1 x 610g Tribal Moon Cacao

1 x Handmade Tribal Moon Cacao Mug (limited edition) or Keep Cup

1 x T-Shirt (S, M, L or XL)

1 x Sage

1 x Palo Santo Bundle (3 Sticks)


+ extra bonus Christmas Surprise!!!


Total Value:  $165 


This one of a kind pack is prepared with so much love, possibly the best treat one can give them selves or someone they love this Christmas. 

Christmas Pack 1

$165.00 Regular Price
$133.00Sale Price
Mugs or Keep Cups
  • Tribal Moon Cacao is now available in both 200g and 610g quantities. A single ceremonial serving is 40 grams, and a "happy days" serving is between 15g and 20g. Cacao has a shelf life of 20 months from delivery.