WHEN: Sun Oct 25th 

WHERE: Tallebudgera Community Hall - 611 Tallebudgera Creek Rd, Tallebudgera Valley QLD 4228

TIME: 3pm to 6pm 


TICKETS: $65 and $70 at the door is not sold out

JUST ADDED: Special Guest mISSkARA


Ancient Trance Dance is an invitation into deep liberation, driven by our breath, our intentions, and energy, and not controlled by our conditioned mind. Natural body movements and intuitive expressive dance are simply forms of an ancient pre-verbal language. It is an expression of intelligence of our creative unconscious. Honour the evolutionary intelligence encoded in our cells.


Sacred Breath Shapeshifter Stephanie Ajna and International acclaimed Musician and Intimacy Coach Jay Hoad, invite you to an afternoon of ritual, dance magic, divine sound shaping, all live channelled subsonic beats and frequencies and sacred Tribal Moon Cacao plant medicine. 


Come reconnect to our source and inner wisdom. Connect with community, share cacao, breath, dance and release what has been and co-create present moment awareness of deep loving-kindness while working with one of the planet’s most powerful medicinal plants - Sacred CACAO.  


Sacred Cacao deepens connection, opening the heart and awakening the mind’s eye so that we may feel and hearts wisdom and highest intuition. May we welcome all of what resides within us. Transform pain into peace, hurt into forgiveness and contractions into freedom. Expand your heart, and uplift your soul while experiencing ecstasy rooted in the body as the Sacred Temple. The Mayans and alchemists knew how to open the gate to the heart. Now it’s your turn.


An Indigenous myth recalls that when the Earth and its people are out of balance, the cacao/sacred chocolate will come out of the rainforest to open peoples hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony and balance. Cacao can be utilized to expedite inner work, facilitating creative energy, yet its different to other plant medicines in that it does not carry you away on a journey, but rather supports you wherever you are, amplifying whatever is happening inside. The ceremony is an experience in multi-dimensional group energy.


If you are seeking answers, a feeling of fullness, purpose or the desire for a gentle self-discovery, it is possible that all the answers are within – in this safe container, an invite and opportunity may be set for you to discover the answers you seek. 


In this space, your soul is invited to have a direct experience of freedom, truth and power, awareness and ecstasy in this drug and alcohol-free environment. Expand your heart, and uplift your soul while experiencing ecstasy rooted in the body as the Sacred Temple with the Cacao Tribe.


NO REFUNDS but you can do name-changes



Loose comfortable clothing

Yoga Mat 

Cushion to sit on during Cacao Ceremony

A reusable water bottle

Blindfold or Scarf 

Recommended to eat lightly, or fasting, for best results --- the emptier the belly the more you can fly. 



The Ancient Trance Dance is a powerful experiential tool for accessing your own inner healer and can greatly intensify your transformational process. Through the process of breathing, moving and sounding you will embark on a journey into the soul. Because this process can bring up intense emotions and strong physical experiences, be advised that it is not recommended for those with certain types of head injury, recent surgery, psychosomatic, serious mental health or other physical limitations.  The Cacao is powerful detox and stimulant.  If you are taking any type of medication specifically antidepressants please check with us before drinking the Cacao. 



We ensure to adhere to social distancing requirements of 4sq/m per person.

Participation Requirements

- We ask that everyone respect and adhere to the 1.5m social distancing practice at all times, this means avoiding direct contact, hugging etc

- Upon arrival please fill out your contact details in the attendance form provided

- Please use the hand sanitisers

provided wherever possible

If you're Feeling Sick

- If you are showing flu like symptoms on the day, please stay home and contact us for a refund.

- Anyone showing flu like symptoms or illness upon arrival, will be denied entry and offered a full refund




Jay Hoad has a Diploma in Contemporary music (AUS), Diploma in Sound Therapy (USA), a Degree in Jazz (AUS), Kundalini Yoga Teacher (INDIA), Tantra Practitioner (Studied with Eliyah Tantra School AUS and Essence of Life Tantra School INDIA). He founded “Healing with Harmony” in the USA, Earth Music International (AUS/USA) and “Tantric Earth Holistics” with his partner Nicole Tretiakov, working with individuals and couples with tantra based philosophies and techniques with the primary focus of taking intimacy with self and your beloved to the next level, on all levels.



Stephanie is passionate about embodied awakening and opening hearts.

She is a qualified Rebirther, accredited Yoga teacher, certified Massage therapist, Watsu practitioner (water massage), Reiki Master, Theta healer, Attunement Therapy Practitioner, Soul Fragmentation Retriever, Womb Clearer, Chord cutter, Crystaldreaming dreaming practitioner, Interpersonal Relating guide.

She is the founder of Cacao Heart and Soulistic Yoga (soulisticyoga.com) and the Merkava Ascension Dimension.

As a shamanic Breath-Doola, a mother and an Empowerment Healer, she is here to activate the remembrance of heaven on earth, supporting humanity to embody life as the ceremony, breath as the ritual, body as the temple & presence as the prayer.



“ I hadn’t been able to tap into that for five years since I became a dad. It felt like I was vibrating at a full 325 hertz like my pineal gland was going off and rapid eye movement happening. I used to be able to get to that point through meditation but not for a very long time. I was vibrating like a Tibetan bowl from my fingers up through my writs to my arms.”

- Paul Williams, Australia


“I felt like I shifted so much energy. With each bit that left I feel more and felt more open in my throat, heart and in my womb actually. This whole spinal column of energy was much more free and open and it freed up my vocal cords to voice and release. A lot of the time I couldn’t make sense of what the emotion was attached to it, whether I was laughing or crying. Just little bits of energy leaving. And afterwards, I noticed my breath was really different; I could breathe into my belly and my breath was so much more unobstructed.”

Emma Wiliams, Australia



Having trained as a vocalist under Frank Sita at the Stia School of music in Melbourne for 6 years, mISSkARA (aka Kara Towner), now lives and performs across the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Her varied training and experience has seen her perform across many genres ranging from folk, rock and house and techno. She has had a strong pull towards the sound healing and ethereal vocals arena for a number of years now and in 2020 this has begun its reality. The Trance Dance will be her debut public performance in the ethereal/sound healing arena and we are sure to revel in the softness and strength of her heart felt sounds.

Ancient Trance Dance - Sun Oct 25th

  • NO REFUNDS but you can do name-changes

  • Once you have purchased your ticket, your ticked is confirmed and added to our data base of attendees.  We will send you an email 24 hours before the event with arrival details etc.