Are you creating your life exactly as you wish it to be? Are you happy with your relationship with yourself and/or your beloved? Are you attracting the kind of energy and people into your life that you truly desire? Do you love your job and are you balancing work and play exactly as you wish it to be?


If the answer to any of these questions is a NO, or if these questions are bringing anything up for you in a negative or curious way, I invite you to dive deeper and do a one on one Intimacy and Energetic coaching session with me.


My name is Jay Hoad and I am an Energetics and Intimacy coach. I specialise in teaching people about energetics and understanding the energy beneath the words in a safe and trustable container.


I have been blessed to assist many people in choosing to create a new life for themselves, new careers, new paradigms and new practices that have given them an abundance of fulfilment, self-worth and the courage to consistently do the work, let go of old stories and stories that no longer serve, honour themselves and the people they care about more deeply and more authentically.   


If any of this resonates with you, please email for a free 15 min consultation. 


Jay Hoad is an Intimacy and Energetics Coach for Individuals and Couples, Teacher, Musician, Ceremonialist, Public Figure and founder of Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao, The Empowered Goddess Collective, Earth Music International, and Tantric Earth Holistic's.


He has studied, performed and taught throughout 42 countries, performing and teaching at many of the biggest music festivals and spiritual festivals around the world with his award winning music, intimacy and energetics work, sound healing and Sacred Cacao Sound Journey experience’s.


Bachelor in Jazz, Bachelor in Contemporary Music, Diploma in Music Therapy & Sound Healing, Diploma in Contemporary Music, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Studied with Eliyah Tantra School, studied and taught at Shiva Tattva Yoga School INDIA, Essence of Life Tantra School INDIA and is a Hemp, Health and Opportunity Business Partner.

90 min - Business and Energetics Coaching - By Appointment Only