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Merkava Ascension Temple

Turns out, we are light bodies. 💫We are pure energy. And that energy has energetic fields which many of us can see and all of us can activate and shift our perceptions, and dimensions.🦋🔮🦋


In support of gathering this tribe, Jay Hoad of Tribal Moon Cacao and the Empowered Goddess Collective is offering an exclusive %10 off Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao for the Merkava Ascension Dimension Group Members.

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Transit Times to Australia: 2 - 7 Business days

(May be longer due to COVID-19) 

Transit times to International: 10 - 15 Business days 

(May be longer due to COVID-19) 

Tribal Moon Cacao is unable to be returned if opened.

For returns, please email or

within 7 days of receiving your product.

Cacao has a shelf life of 20 months from delivery.

%10 Off. USUAL PRICE $64 for 610g

Shipping within Australia

Shipping out of Australia

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Welcome Tribal Moon Family

Honoured you have landed on our page.

Welcome new tribe, and a heartfelt thank you to all the warriors of love who have journeyed with us thus far. 


Tribal Moon Cacao was created through years of ceremony and deep diving with this ancient plant medicine. Our aim was to create the tastiest, strongest, flowing and most affordable Ceremonial Grade Cacao in the world, and we feel this is exactly what we have achieved. 

Tribal Moon Cacao is 100% Pure Peruvian Ceremonial Grade Cacao, lovingly prepared with intention and gratitude to assist all who share in it's magic. Organic and ethically sourced, nothing added, never chemically or temperature altered... very powerful. 


Tribal Moon Cacao is now available in both 200g and 610g quantities. A single ceremonial serving is 40 grams, and a "happy days" serving is between 15g and 20g. 

Many new and excited things always happening in our Tribal Moon Cacao world, we invite you to join our mailing list if you would like to receive discounts, access to incredible events and opportunities with plant medicine, health abundance and opportunity.

Much Love


"Literally nothing comes close to the flavour, texture and strength of Tribal Moon Cacao, absolutely blown away. I have been running Cacao Ceremonies around the world for over 10 years now and sourced my Cacao from just about every known Cacao supplier, this is by far best I have ever experienced"    Grace Winton - USA

"I have been using this divine plant medicine for years and this is by far the most incredible Cacao I have ever ever had"

Michael Mitchell - Sydney, AUSTRALIA

"Such a deep and profound journey every time"

Sally Withers - Toronto, CANADA

"The smell alone before you even open the packaging will take you on a journey, one bag is never enough, yum!!" - Jacinta Howe - HAWAII



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