• Diploma in Contemporary Music

  • Diploma in Music Therapy

  • Degree in Jazz Performance

  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher

  • Tantra Practitioner - Studied with Eliyah Tantra School (AUS)

  • Essence of Life Tantra School (INDIA)

  • Martin Guitars USA

  • CK Guitars AUS

  • Didgeridoo Breath AUS

  • Chopsavers USA

  • DR Guitar Strings USA

  • Shiva Tattva Yoga School INDIA


       Guitar, Bass, and Didgeridoo Teacher for:

  • Ibanez Guitars

  • B&B Music USA

  • Jay Hoad School of Music

  • GuitarDidgeLessons.com​​

  • Taught & Lectured At Schools and Universities Around The World

  • Self Employed Full Time Musician, 20 years, 42 Countries, averaging 200+ shows/year


I was born in Suva, Fiji, and these days when I'm not on touring my original music around the world, I live at home on the South Coast of the main Island of Fiji creating and manifesting magic to bring to you.

My passion for music, and specifically creating and touring my own music around the world, was my main focus for much of my early life. I started learning guitar when I was just 4 years of age, and to this day I still continue to study and source the best teachers I can to continue my own learning and growth as a musician, as well as my other many interests. The more I learn the most I realise how much there is to still learn.

I went to a special music high school where music was the main part of my curriculum. I began studying music at University at 15 years of age and was offered a position teaching for Ibanez Guitars at 17 years old, balancing teaching, practice, study and performing around the clock, which I absolutely loved. 


When I was 23 I took on touring music full time. I was offered a position in the Australian Jazz Quartet working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines based out of Miami. I was performing between 8 and 10 shows a week, playing extremely difficult and inspiring Jazz with this gig. When the band had periods of downtime I took on other gigs in the various Big Bands through the cruise lines, and also started working on mainland USA as a session musician with many other bands. I worked with so many great artists who's music I had grown up with- bands like the Temptations, The Drifters, The Coasters, plus many more. 

During this period I had so many incredible teachers, musical directors and incredible people that inspired me and absolutely kicked my butt to constantly step up as a musician. I am so grateful for this period of my life.

When I was 26, I rented my own place in America and began teaching for B&B music just south of New York (recently acquired by Guitar Center of America), as well as running workshops and lecturing at various schools and universities North America.  I also opened "Healing with Harmony" in the USA, which was a music therapy and healing centre. 

When I was 27, I started my own band in the USA, the Jay Hoad Band. I wrote, produced and recorded my first album "Warmth in the White" and started touring again in between my original music in between my teaching and healing career. I also created Walkaboutfish Records with my USA manager Jim Miller, and we began touring other acts in the USA and Australia under the label. 

In 2009 I started working on my second album "Stories for the Soul" which was recorded half in the USA and half in Australia and featured so many incredible guest artists who I had met on my travels. 

In 2012 I recorded 2 albums, the first was "Home is Where the Heart Is" which I recorded with Craig Porteils (producer for Diesel, Guns 'n Roses, Pink and many more). Craig was such an incredible person to work with; he deeply inspired me and taught me so much about music production. It was also during this period that I met Craig Koen (CK INSTRUMENTS) who has been the creator of many of my more unusual stringed instruments like the Skateboard Guitar and the Steam Punk Guitars.


The second album that came out that year was "Earth Music for Yoga, Massage, and Healing". This album came about from many years of composing for yoga, massage and healers of various modalities in private sessions, classes and workshops. One day a dear yoga teacher friend of mine and I decided to record one of these sessions, and this album became my most successful selling album to date. 

2013/14 were an incredible few years of touring the Jay Hoad show around the world, I also did plenty of session work for other original artists' albums as well as teaching and composing for yoga, etc. I played around 250 shows per year, and worked a lot on fine tuning my live show and tuning in with spontaneous healing compositions.

In 2015/16 things took a turn when I decided to continue on from my previous music therapy and healing training and began studying with Eliyah Tantra School. There are no words that can explain the depth of the various courses and experiences that I shared with Eliyah, but the best way I could begin to explain would be something like studying with these gifted people is like "a complete reprogramming of everything I had ever chosen to believe through out my life, understanding what it means to consciously represent self, and going to the core on love and fear, to in turn, do my very best to come back to love with no condition, to the best of my ability." 

In 2017 amongst another heavy year of touring, I traveled back to mother India to complete my studies as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and also to continue my studies and teaching as a Tantra practitioner, where I studied with my most life changing teacher of all, Shiva from Essence of Health in Rishikesh, India. Shiva is black tantra practitioner who taught me that not everything is as it seems in the 3D reality we perceive. For more on this journey please see my other business tantricearthholistics.com. 

In late 2017 I started creating more magic at my home in Fiji and started working on creating my sacred space in a little village, which we are manifesting to set up "Fiji Time" to be an incredible temple space of healing and learning by 2022/23. I also started transitioning more of my time in to assisting others with trauma release, higher purpose manifestation, inner union and working with couples and individuals going deeper on intimacy for self and for ones beloved. 

In 2018 I spent my year fine tuning 2 new albums to release at the beginning of 2019, toured 15 countries with my original music as well as session work with other bands, sailed from Australia to Fiji on a 50 ft catamaran, and spent 3 months working on new material and raising my vibration to create this manifestation for 2019 and beyond.

2019... at the beginning of the year I released 2 new albums, "Earth Music 2" and "Live Double Bass Jazz" and have been flat out touring these albums around the world.

I also launched 4 new business:

1.) guitardidgelessons.com - a high vibrational online music school for guitar and didgeridoo, structured for beginners right through to advanced. Lessons tailored to learn exactly what you want, in a fun and inspiring way. Also specialising in improvisation and circular breathing. See below for website links, bookings, etc. 


2.) tantricearthholistics.com - offering our award winning "Shamanic Cacao Sound Journey" experiences around the world, as well as transformational coaching workshops and private sessions for individuals and couples sharing knowledge that may deepen inner union with one's self and/or chosen beloved. These sessions may include sound therapy, kundalini, sacred knowledge sharing in energetics, ancient tantric knowledge, yogic principals and techniques combined with breath, sound and movement. Things that may come up for individuals include trauma release, higher purpose manifestation, deep feeling of awakening and connection with self and beloved, transformational shifts, letting go of things that no longer serve, addiction release, deeper intimacy and energetic resonance, respect and love for one's self, deeper intimacy respect and love for one's beloved, and moving forward with full power. If any of this resonates with you, see below for website links, bookings, etc. 

3.) tribalmooncreatrix.com - offering our unique tribal photography portrait experiences for individuals, couples and families. As well as ethically sourced, hand made with love, feather and earth ware, and ceremonial grade cacao. See below for website links, bookings, etc. 

4.) Jay Hoad website design - offering professional website creation and design for artists and creatives of all kinds. 

As far as the future goes, I am now working on my space in Fiji as a place of gathering and teaching to raise the vibration of this planet. My dream is to bring my biggest teachers and mentors in genres of music, music therapy, tantra, yoga, kundalini, energetics and quantum physics to teach and share knowledge in a sacred and intimate temple space. You can go to this link to watch it all unfold. :)

"I am here to inspire, to follow my dreams, and to create magic. I am here to send out my positive ripple to assist as many people as possible to follow their dreams, create their magic, and to raise the vibration of this planet... right now"

Much Love and see you soon. 

Jay Hoad