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Fijian-born multi-award-winning musician, teacher, business, intimacy & energetics coach Jay Hoad is the creator of "Ignite Your Dreams" coaching programs & the Jay Hoad School of Songwriting, Music and Sound Healing,

He is also the founder of the Australian Music School for Autism and Special Interest Learning, the Australian Didgeridoo Academy, the Queensland Music Academy, the Gold Coast Music School, the Coomera Music School, the Redland Bay Music School, and of course the famous 
Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao.

For all inquiries about anything, email info@jayhoad.com and one of our friendly staff will get right back to you within 24 hours

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Jay has independently toured 42 countries with his unique show featuring him on more than 20 instruments, usually averaging 200+ shows across 15 countries per year.

He has performed, presented, and lectured at many of the biggest music festivals and conscious gatherings around the world
 as well as running his Sacred Cacao Sound Journeys (BEST EVENT AWARD WINNER FRINGE FESTIVAL 2019 & 2020).

He has performed and toured with Bob Marley's "The Wailers", The Temptations, Blood Sweat and Tears, and 100's of others, and performed at festivals on stage alongside artists including Jack Johnson, Xavier Rudd, Michael Franti, Robert Plant (Led Zepplin) and many more.

Jay has 7 full-length albums including the Earth Music for Yoga, Massage, and Healing album series, and has sold over 400,000 albums worldwide.


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Jays is a business, intimacy, and energetics and coach specializing in 6-week and 12-week intensive courses for people who are finally ready to make the call to follow their dreams, get out of the rat race and fully step into what they were born to do in this lifetime, business, career, passive income, cryptocurrency investing, spirituality, dream weaving, master manifesting, and so much more.

Most often people come to Jay with no idea of where to begin but simply feel the uncontrollable knowing in their hearts that the time has finally come to begin their new journey. Jay also has an incredible team of over 20 people behind him including web designers, social media and marketing gurus, business coaches, assistants, non for profit and finan specialists, nutrition and spiritual guides, admin, video, and graphic artists, just to name a few.

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Jay coaches individuals and couples craving to deepen their connections with themselves and/or their beloveds, stepping into a much deeper, present, and authentic way of being. Jay assists people in choosing to find their authentic truest representation of self in this lifetime, how to deeply honor self-accountability through energetics and intimacy coaching, to gently and quickly create a more deeply fulfilled and consistent way of self-representation in this new paradigm of humanity.

This is all incredible and life-changing work. 

Jay has a huge passion for supporting environmental organizations, as well as assisting and inspiring humans in creating their dream life exactly as they wish it to be.

 His focus is set on raising the vibration on a daily...  

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